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I am a contemporary British artist who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Graduating with a Fine Art Degree in 2008, I have since exhibited across the UK and Europe, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.


My large-scale portraits are created using jars and jugs, pouring diluted oil paint on to a flat canvas in a series of complex and translucent layers, rarely using a paintbrush. I am fascinated and intrigued by representations of women and an interrogation of the male and female gaze, as well as self-image. My paintings of women aim to explore vulnerability and beauty whilst rejecting idealised, sexualised and media driven images of women.


Many of my works have also been inspired by children I have worked with overseas. I use portraiture to celebrate and magnify quiet moments of innocence and beauty, whilst also maintaining an explorative and experimental approach with my materials – employing an abstract technique to my figurative subjects.



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